Red Deer Carpet Cleaning, grooms and restores your commercial rugs.

Our flexible approach allows rugs to be cleaned during our on-site visits, or at our purpose built rug cleaning facilities.

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We can clean your rugs on-site (depending on the extent of soiling, size and convenience) or alternatively they can be cleaned at our franchises’ premises. A qualified Red Deer Carpet Cleaning technician will be only too happy to pass on their knowledge and advice about how we can restore and refresh your rugs. If your rugs have been taken away, once dried, they will be re-vacuumed and returned to your work premises.

Red Deer Carpet Cleaning franchises provide service to all areas of Red Deer . Many cities near Red Deer can be serviced by our professional Carpet Cleaning technicians.

Red Deer Oriental Carpet Cleaning


Red Deer Carpet Cleaning proprietary carpet cleaning formulas are the most advanced solutions available in the Red Deer area, and they leave your carpet deep-cleaned and dry in only 1-2 hours. With more than one billion square feet of carpet cleaned each year by Red Deer Carpet Cleaning experts, it’s no wonder we’re the leader in the carpet cleaning industry. Red Deer Carpet Cleaning is also the only carpet cleaning company to use the Hot Carbonating Extraction System to extract more dirt, grime and sand for a deep-down clean. The Natural®, our core cleaning product, is Green Certified and uses natural CO2 to generate millions of tiny bubbles that lift dirt from deep within your carpet to the surface for removal. Call Red Deer Carpet Cleaning Red Deer oriental carpet cleaners and experience the power of hot carbonation for yourself. Red Deer Carpet Cleaning uses less water to deep-clean your carpets, making our carpet cleaning process superior to steam cleaning. And since your carpets dry faster with our method, home owners have more time to spend at the mountains or in the sun. Our primary carpet cleaner is also non-toxic and safe for use in homes with babies or kids, pets, or people with allergies

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