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Red Deer Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets play an important role in maintaining a healthier indoor environment. The Red Deer Carpet Cleaning cleaning solution deodorize your carpets
and fabrics as they clean.

If your carpets don’t get cleaned professionally using the correct technique on a regular basis, they can quickly become damaged, dirty and unhygienic. At Red Deer Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves at not only getting your carpet as clean as it could possibly be, but also ensuring they are hygienic and help fight against allergies.

Experience Red Deer’s superior carpet cleaning method with Red Deer Carpet Cleaning. Our process utilizes steam that penetrates deep into carpet fibers & lift dirt particles away – no soap or shampoo. This is designed to give you the cleanest carpets possible. Your carpet will dry in 1-2 hours leaving you with a healthier home environment.

Red Deer Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services offers a special cleaning process that will have your upholstery sparkling clean and dry in one to two hours instead of one to two days! Our cleaning process uses less water than other furniture cleaning methods, minimizing dry times and reducing the chance of mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. We only use safe, non-toxic solutions to help your furniture stay clean.

Removal of pet urine and odors is critical to maintaining the carpet and furniture in your home. Red Deer Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services Odor Removal Treatment has proven to be the most effective method for removing nasty pet stains and odors. Prolonged exposure to pet urine will permanently damage your carpet. If your home is in need of pet urine removal, or you simply want to determine if pet urine and odor removal treatment from Red Deer Carpet Cleaning is an option for you, call us today.

A thorough area rug cleaning from Red Deer Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services will bring the life back to your area rugs. Our oriental rug cleaners are prepared to clean and refresh your area rugs. We know rugs can be expensive, and that is why our rug cleaners will take extra care to ensure the safety and beauty of your rug is intact. If you have an area rug in distress, contact us to find out more about our rug cleaning services.

Mattress Cleaning

We all like to get a good night’s sleep, on a clean and comfortable mattress. Most of us are done with the mattress cleaning only by washing the sheets. Truth is – your mattress could be making you sick, triggering your allergies while asleep. You wake up tired and not rested. There is a simple solution to the problem. You should have your mattress professionally cleaned and sanitized. Give us a call today.

Commercial Cleaning

Carpet and flooring are big investments for any business. Keeping them looking great is important to the image of your business as well. Red Deer Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services has the perfect process for commercial accounts and expert advice in the development of money saving maintenance plans to help preserve your investments for a long, long time. Call us today for a quote.



Grease & Oil Remover

Our specialty Grease & Oil Remover contains a powerful formula that removes those stubborn spots created by grease and oil that other stain removers may not be able to tackle. . Removes common stains: Butter stains Cooking oil stains Crayon stains Makeup stains, Grease & oil stains, Marker pen stains.


Dust Mites

Specialised ingredients in the product’s formulation neutralise dust mite droppings. It provides up to 90 days relief for asthma and allergy suffers. The best way to fight allergies is to eliminate their source. Our Dust Mite product is a water-based anti-allergen solution containing powerful active ingredients proven effective against household dust mite allergens. Applied to carpets, mattresses & bedding and furniture for healthy, effective results.


Spot Remover

The Red Deer Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services product is an extremely effective carpet stain remover that can also be used on carpets, upholstery, auto interiors, clothing and other upholstery fabrics. The non-toxic ingredients ensure the product lifts common household stains to the surface for effective removal, while remaining safe for the environment and your entire family.


Carpet Deodorizer

Our deodorizer leaves carpets smelling fresh and clean. The soil-resistant coating helps maintain cleaner carpets while the light fragrance counteracts odour. It covers up smoke, cooking, pet, and other nasty odours found in homes or vehicles. It even protects your carpets.  Able to treat up to 5 times more surface area than conventional deodorisers.


Pet Odour Remover

Pet odour can leave long lasting stains and smells on carpets and upholstery. Our Pet Odour Remover neutralises those unwanted pet urine and odour smells from your carpets, rugs and fabrics. This formula is designed to lift minor pet odours and stains from your carpet. This is the perfect tool to utilize between Red Deer Carpet Cleaning appointments. Large, older pet stains will require a specialized treatment application from the experts at Red Deer Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services.


Power Solution

Clean floors better with the latest innovation from Red Deer Carpet Cleaning’s Power Solution. This highly acclaimed cleaner is intended for cleaning hard floors, like tile and stone. This easy to use product uses a specially formulated solution and disposable absorbent cleaning pads to dissolve and wipe away grease, dirt and light stains on hard floors. The cleaner makes cleaning a breeze and much more effective.

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